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/Chaika\ Residential Complex - I'M HOME

/Chaika\ Residential Complex is a place where you are safe, where you can be yourself. You are always welcome and cared for here. This is your own cozy world you do not want to leave.

When / I’M HOME\ - everything is within easy reach

Infrastructure and transport accessibility.
33 houses and more than 40 infrastructure facilities spaciously located in the park area. Just 10 minutes ride by public transport and you are at Zhytomyrska metro station.

When / I'M HOME\ - happy childhood

Our own schools and kindergartens
On the territory of the complex there is a 1-degree state secondary school /Chaika\ with the educational program "Intelligence of Ukraine" and the European School /Mikhail\ of I-III degree with in-depth study of foreign languages.

There are also other facilities built and functioning in our town: state kindergarten /Chaika\, private kindergarten /Golden Fairy Tale\ and aesthetic development centers that make parents feel confident in the comprehensive development of their children and the formation of their personality.

When I AM /home\ - I'm safe

Security complex 24/7
Closed cozy residential area /Chayka\ with 7 entry groups, under the 24-hour security of NAO SYSTEM, the professional staff of which for 10 years flawlessly performs control of security and order in the complex.