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Terms of purchase

Options for buying an apartment

  OMOKS development company, the developer of /Chaika\ Residential Complex provides you with opportunities and conditions for the purchase of apartments in the /Chaika\ RC, making your dream of owning your /home\ come true.

You may become a happy resident of the complex, using one of the options for buying a home:

100% payment

The most profitable and least expensive way to purchase an apartment in /Chaika\ RC. Having made payment for the apartment in full, you can get additional discounts from the developer in the framework of ongoing special offers - up to 5%.

A bank loan

To buy an apartment on credit in /Chaika\ RC is quite simple. You can easily apply for a loan for housing from our partner banks - Globus CB JSC, or Ukrgasbank JSB.

Credit conditions:

  • the amount of down payment: from 30% of the apartment market value ;
  • credit period: up to 10 years;
  • interest rate: from 4.90% per annum in UAH.

Installment 0% for 23 months from the developer

Conditions of buying an apartment in installments:

  • initial payment from 50% of the apartment cost
  • installment period: up to 23 months

Apartments by installments in /Chaika\ Residential Complex is reliable and profitable investment. Choose the apartment of your dreams, make a down payment, effect monthly payments and get the keys to your own /home\.

Affordable mortgage 7%

From March 1, 2021, residential complex /Chaika\, in cooperation our partner bank - Globus CB JSC, joined the state program "Affordable mortgage 7%".

Lending program terms

  • Loan term - from 1 to 20 years
  • Loan amount - up to UAH 2 million.
  • Initial payment - from 15% of the property value.
  • Compensation rate - 7%

For more information on the conditions of the state mortgage lending program "Affordable mortgage 7%" click here