this is /Chaika\
Residential Complex !

/Chaika\ RC is the largest condominium in Europe:

a town with 13 -year history
33 built houses
more than 40 of objects
infrastructure facilities
39 hectares of territory
more than 12000 inhabitants
hundreds of employees

We have been changing to be closer to you

Familiar logo
has become easier to comprehend
and more up-to-date

We are happy to tell you why we have decided to change our logo

We have conducted a survey.

On the basis of our surveys, questionnaires, and interviews, we have established the main emotional insights due to which people choose /Chaika\ Residential Complex.

The result surprised and rejoiced us!

If in most cases people choose other residential complexes because they are "convenient", "close to the subway" or "the quality meets the price" (that is, based mainly on rational considerations), but those people who have chosen /Chaika\ Residential Complex, note that here they feel /at home\.
That is, in addition to rational advantages, people talked about emotional connection. Based on the data obtained, this very emotion has become a basis of the message our brand carries, perhaps this emotion is one of the deepest human emotions,

when I live at /Chaika\ Residential Complex - /I'm Home\.

And new positioning assumes development of this emotional connection with potential inhabitants of /Chaika\ Residential Complex.

Branded elements / \
symbolize the roof of the house

Explaining that when
I'm in /Chaika\ RC - /I'm home\

Communication platform /I'm home\ is about the feeling of ease in the word "whew", because /home\ is a place where you are safe, where you can be yourself. A place where you can finally take a break from a hard day, where the voices of children are heard and you smell delicious home cooking. You are always welcome and cared for here.

/Chaika\ RC is the place where you feel: /I'm home\!

Not only our logo has changed, but we have also changed!

When /I'M HOME\ - everything is within easy reach

We will constantly expand the list of infrastructure facilities to increase your comfort.

When /I'M HOME\ - I feel secure

We will upgrade the existing security system, ensuring maximum safety of each resident.

When /I'M HOME\ - I'm cared for

At home you are taken care of in time and at a high level.