About /CHAIKA\ Residential Complex

/Chaika\ Residential Complex is a trendy modern town, the largest condominium in Europe. A space that harmoniously combines classical and up-to-date traditions of a comfortable life. Developed infrastructure, bracing air of the resort area and stunning landscaping, schools, kindergartens, sports facilities and 24-hour security.

This is the place where you're safe, we wait for you and care about you. Children’s voices around and the smell of delicious home cooking, a sense of your own cozy world that you do not want to leave.

/Chaika\ RC is the place where you feel: /I'm home\!

When /I'M HOME\ - I take a lungful of fresh air

History of our complex

In 2005 a large-scale project of /Chaika\ Residential Complex construction - the first new town of independent Ukraine for 25,000 residents on a 39 hectares land plot of Kyiv-Svyatoshynskyi district -  was launched. OMOKS development company had become the developer of the complex, headed by its managing owner Alexey Kulagin.

The project has been implemented in 5 stages: /Chaika-1\ - /Chaika-5\. Completion of all stages of /Chaika\ Residential Complex project is planned before 2025.

Presently /Chaika\ Residential Complex comprises 33 commissioned houses, its own kindergartens and schools, more than 40 functioning infrastructure facilities and more than 12 000 inhabitants.

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