39 GA
own park
10 minutes to
populated homes
12 000
2 min
from the forest
security 24/7
2 schools,
2 kindergartens
more than 40 objects
20 children
managing company

Advantages and specific features of /CHAIKA\ Residential Complex

/Home\ is a place where everything is connected with a family: in the family you love, laugh, hug each other, sometimes you cry, gather together at the dinner table and out of doors in nature. We have built a complex that combines all the advantages of happy and comfortable life: ecologically pure environment of the area, transport accessibility, architecture organically mixing with the landscape and high standards of construction.

/Chaika\ Residential Complex is a harmony of incredible opportunities of the big city and nature. We express in its design a completely fresh approach to the basic needs of a modern man - active, sports-loving, business and family man at the same time, so we have taken into account and focused at all these requirements in our multi-functional /home\ called /Chaika\.

39 hectares of private park
The territory of /Chaika\ Residential Complex with an area of 39 hectares boasts of its own beautiful park of 15 hectares, which has more than 10 000 different plants in. There are walking paths, cozy seating areas with comfortable handmade benches, a lot of children's playgrounds and sports courts.
Transport accessibility
/Chaika\ Residential Complex is located in 7 km from the nearest metro station. Just 10 minutes ride by public transport and you get to Zhytomyrska metro station. Closed territory of the complex has 3 secured entrance groups with public transport stops.

33 inhabited houses
For 13 years OMOKS development company has built and commissioned 33 houses that meet the modern requirements of quality housing comprising more than 40 infrastructure facilities.

12 000 inhabitants
More than 4 000 happy families have already chosen /Chaika\ residential complex as their home. Today they enjoy a quality and comfortable life, creating their own stories of happiness, love, and well-being.

Forest in 2 minutes walk
/Chaika\ Residential Complex is located in the area of Goloseevsky forestry, one of the most ecologically pure locations in Kyiv. You may enjoy family walks, cycling or jogging, breathing fresh air full of fur-trees and pines aroma and listening to the birds singing.

You can be sure of not only your own safety but also of safety of your children and your loved ones as well because the complex is located in a closed area under the round-the-clock security provided by NAO SYSTEMS company, in addition, pedestrian and traffic flows inside the complex are separated and regulated by road signs.

Our own schools and kindergartens
The developer, OMOKS development company feels responsible for the social adaptation and development of young residents of the complex, so in our town the following facilities have been built and operating: state kindergarten /Chaika\, private kindergarten /Golden Fairy Tale\, European school /Mikhail\ of I-III degree, as well as /Chaika\ state secondary school of I degree.

Developed infrastructure
In /Chaika\ Residential Complex everything is based on convenience and comfort, the developed infrastructure is its important factor. Medical facilities, pharmacies, post office, banks, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons - you will find everything within the easy reach.

Childhood is the most carefree stage in everyone's life. But a truly happy childhood is full of games and magical dreams. /Chaika\ Residential Complex has more than 20 children's and 8 sports grounds for our youngest residents.

Our own management companies
/ZARAZ\ management companies take a good care of the complex and surrounding territory. That is why it makes you feel that you're /at home\. /At home\ you are taken care of in time and at a high level.

Sports town
/Chaika\ Residential Сomplex is the town of champions and record-breakers. People of all ages who like sports will be happy here. Supporters of active lifestyle will appreciate the Tennis Academy with its indoor tennis court and Football Academy with its football field, they will truly enjoy playing on basketball courts, compete in ping-pong or give preference to fitness centers.

Indoor parking area and parking lots
/Chaika\ Residential Complex has its own multi-level indoor parking area and more than 2,000 outdoor parking lots.

Own boiler room
To keep homes warm in the cold season, /Chaika\ Residential Complex has its own boiler room with сentralized heating system, as well as Individual Heating Plants (IHP) in each house.